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Egyptian Society of Engineers

1-It used to be named the Royal Society of Engineers.
2-The Royal Society of Engineers in Egypt was founded in 1920, and since 1930 it has been in the existing site in Cairo.
3-It is a Non-Governmental and Non-Profitable Organization.
4-In 1974, it developed branch –Societies in Architectural, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Planning, Management, Mechanical and Mining Engineering Societies.
5-Charted in 30/9/1974 under No. 1961 according to law No.32 for the year 1964, as a scientific and cultural Non-Profit Making Society with its Headquarter in Cairo.

The purpose of the Egyptian Society of Mechanical Engineers is to work in the Scientific and Cultural Fields, thereby raising the Standard of Mechanical Engineering knowledge through the following main topics:-

***Establish Studies and Research in Mechanical Engineering to achieve progress in its various branches.

These branches are grouped into two main divisions:-

**The Production Division: Comprises the following branches;( Design, Manufacturing Processes,Control, Industrial Engineering, Quality and Materials Engineering ).

**The Energy Division: Comprises the following branches;( Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Energy, Fluids, Machine Mechanics & Systems, Petroleum Technology and Transport Vehicles ).

***Raising the scientific standard of its members through the organization of Lectures, Seminars, Workshops and Training courses.

***Promoting the publication of Mechanical Engineering Topics in Journals, Reports, Bulletins, Books and the like.
***Organizing Conferences on Mechanical Engineering and the Participation in such Conferences both at home and abroad.
***Establishing specialized committees to further the objectives of the Society in the different branches of activities.
***Establish contacts and cooperation among engineers both in Egypt and abroad.
***Communication with Institutions, Societies and Organizations abroad for the purpose of scientific cooperation and exchange of experience.
***Establishing a reference library of Engineering subjects.

Ranks of Membership

***Honorary Member.
***Associate Member.

The Council

The Society is managed by a Council formed of fifteen members Elected by the General Assembly from among the Members of the Society.
The term of membership of the Council is three years. One third of the members is re-elected every year by ballot.
At its first meeting after the General Assembly, the Council elects a Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary and a treasure from among its members. Council meetings should take place at least once every month.
Agreement Of Co-Operation Between The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers (United Kingdom) And Society Of Mechanical Engineers (Egypt)


The purpose of  this agreement is to provide a basis for the development of mutual understanding and friendly co-operative relations between the two Societies.


**To advance the common aims of the societies and, through them, to facilitate the promotion of scientific and technological exchange and development in mechanical engineering.
**To make appropriate privileges of membership available to members of the reciprocal society, excluding the use of membership titles or designatory letters unless appropriately qualified.
**To provide announcements of conference and meetings programs and news of mutual interest which may be republished by the reciprocal society for the benefit of its members.
**To encourage the participation of members from the reciprocal society in those meetings which are appropriate.
**To encourage the participation of members in joint events for the dissemination and exchange of technical information.


**Each society shall provide information and advice on the membership requirements of the other to members interested in joining.
**Each society shall agree to consider admitting to the appropriate classes of membership those engineers who meet the respective membership requirements in full.

In each case, the member of one society who is a candidate for membership of the other will present a formal application in full compliance with the established procedures for the membership class concerned.

**Members availing themselves of the privileges under the agreement may be required to furnish appropriate identification of their membership of the other society. This applies particularly to attendance at events and the purchase of publications.

Technical Activities

Each society shall:

**Give early notification of technical events to be held in the other’s country, forthcoming society events, news of mutualinterest etc.
**Publicise the other’s activities in due time and in the appropriate society publications.
**Encourage its technical divisions/groups/ young members sections to work with the parallel sections of the other society on international events for the exchange of technical information.

In the case of joint events, the mode and extent of participation, and a written undertaking of responsibilities shall be developed during the early planning stages of each event. Collaborative events with other engineering societies shall be encouraged.

**Offer to members of the other society registration at events at member rates and the purchase of related papers at member rates.
**Agree to co-operate in research and development on subjects of mutual interest in mechanical engineering. The form, content and conditions of co-operation of each project shall be decided by both participants  through consultation.
**In conjunction with its local representation encourage the presentation of technical lectures by visiting senior members of each society. Early notification of such activity would be required in order that suitable arrangements including publicity can be made.

Publications and Information

**Each society shall make available to the other at preferential rates publications to be deposited in either a named library or with a named post within each respective organisation.
**Individual members of both Institutions shall enjoy the privilege of purchasing the non serial publications of the other Institution on the same basis as members of the host Institution.
**Each society shall assist the other, when invited and where appropriate,in encouraging the submission of original papers for publication.

Comments on the agreement of cooperation
It has to be mentioned that most of the mentioned topics and points have to be implemented. Also some of these topics and points have to be activated and further actions should take place. This means that deep actions from both sides should be encouraged.

Suggested main points to be considered

****Sending copies of some published papers in I.Mech.E. journals to Egyptian Society of Mechanical Engineers.
****Announcement and publicizing of I.Mech.E. training courses and the enrolment of members of Egyptian Society of Mechanical Engineers at host members rate.
****Attendance of members of Egyptian Society of Mechanical Engineers Conferences, Seminars, Symposia and Workshops organzed by I.Mech.E. at host members rates.
****Obtaining Egyptian Society of Mechanical Engineers copies of books, journals, periodicals of I.Mech.E. at reduced rates.

It is also interesting that the Egyptian Society of Civil Engineers and The Egyptian Society of Electrical Engineers to have an agreement of cooperation with the corresponding institutions in UK namely ICE and IEE.

At the end, Thanks are due to I.Mech.E. for their cooperation with the Egyptian Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Thanks are also due to Sir Michael Moore ,Chief Executive of I.Mech.E., for his work and role in promoting the implementation of the agreement and  attending this meeting.

Thank You.